Can We Have a “Grown Up” Conversation About Scholastic Sports?

I will put u back in dat hole from which u came
out ( means mothers vagina)

The Black Cager

The money is gone. As a local, “community” those of us living in, working in or near and thinking about Philadelphia have made good schools a luxury. Like a Bentley or a Mercedes, everyone simply cannot access one. We have given up and we are now watching the urban public school systems of our youth die a tortuous, slow and excruciatingly painful death. As with all deaths, assets are left behind. In recent weeks, we “the public” have sold University City High School to Drexel and William Penn to Temple.


Let’s think about this for a moment: Twenty-two (22) District high schools lost 50 or more of their students from the Class of 2012 cohort, 2,200 dropouts in all. This represents a significant shrinkage of one graduating class. Unfortunately, it’s even worse across the Delaware River. According to the recent data only 42% of Camden High students and and 46%…

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